Gravity, God, and the Human

Did you know that you have gravity? In fact, every object has gravity, and believe it or not, you are an object! Yes, you! And the larger an object is the more gravity it has to haul other objects closer to itself, which means (contrary to my own popular opinion) that I actually am the one that pulls chocolate to me, instead of the other way around! Drat!  Also, the distance between objects controls how much of a gravitational effect we have on each other.  Every object has a pull on other objects around us, strong or weak, one to another, back and forth. So, as small as a chocolate bar is it still pulls at me, although weakly, but it’s up to me to respond to the pull or not and snake that puppy into my grasp.  

Even God has gravity! Both distance and size play huge parts in whether or not God’s gravitational attraction has an effect on a person; just like with any other object.

An example of this godly-gravitational attraction can be found with the first Christians in Jerusalem, on the Day of Pentecost, when they were close enough to hear God’s words, and they allowed themselves to be pulled to the crucified and resurrected Jesus, and to change their lives, and to wash their sins away in water. As soon as they did these things, God pulled them into His environment, and then they pulled each other into more love and good works, which drew more people to them, and then those people were also drawn into God (Acts 2:38-48). God says that, after entering His atmosphere, we are to grow in knowledge about Him and do righteous and good actions, which will make us grow larger in size, which in turn will help in keeping the gravitational attraction strong between God, us, and others.

Our sun does not have all the galaxies, the stars, the planets, and moons in the universe drawn to it; only a very few—especially when considering the whole universe.  Likewise, God doesn’t draw a lot of followers to Himself; only a few, when considering all the human lives since the dawn of time.   There are many passages in the Bible that talk about this magnetic-like pull or lack of pull, and my favorite two are, “Draw near to God and he will draw near to you (James. 4:8),” and in Isaiah 59 starting with verse 1, Isaiah tells us that God would love to be near us and part of our lives, but our sinful living pulls us away from Him.

The planets, moons, and stars have no control over what pulls at them and what doesn’t.  But humans do.  We can choose to be drawn toward one way or another, toward light and energy or toward yawning black holes.  The stars, asteroids, planets, and moons have no choice at all.  

Personally, I am drawn to Jehovah God, because I have a desire for good, kind, fair, truthful, happy, and just things; and He is the only object of power that offers these things to me—a woman—and to men also, and to children, and to old people, and to sick people, regardless of age, color, or nationality.  Jehovah God is the only gravitational power who truly wants all humans to be educated, knowledgeable, self-sufficient, and interacting in beneficial ways with others, and He even offers heavenly bliss in eternity, including women who’ve been married or not married!

May you let the gravity from the best large object be pulling at you!