Overcoming Ugly

My sister, Gayle, has this hobby that I call creepy cactus cultivation. She loves finding weird, ugly, exotic cactus plants and coaxing beauty out of them. Gayle just sent me photos of a cactus she found recently that she calls a caterpillar for lack of knowing its real name. It’s as ugly as sin, motley browns, looking a bit like animal droppings. But, one day, a pod-type extension appeared on it, also ugly, and then a couple of days later, a gorgeous flower flushed out of the pod! Delicate; pretty colors of pink, purple, blue; multilayered; and beautiful. I saw the photos and thought, “Wow, this is like people!” And thus, the following article was created.

Beauty can come from ugly. God finds sin uglier than the caterpillar cactus, but He created a way for humans to pretty-up and produce beautiful flowers—Jesus. We’re all obnoxious in sin without Jesus, but in Him we can overcome ugly and produce great splendor! Paul proudly tells us that God “delivered us from the domain of darkness and transferred us to the kingdom of His beloved Son (Col. 1:13).” And because of this, on a daily basis, we need to take long looks at ourselves in the spiritual mirror and continue transforming ourselves into good, acceptable, and brand new creations in God’s eyes (Ac. 2:38; Rom. 12:1, 2; 6:4; 2 Cor. 5:17; Gal. 6:15). God excels in creating beauty out of ugly; He’s the master craftsman in this field (Ez. 37). GayleCactusPhoto A1 2015-05-23 GayleCactusPhoto A3 2015-05-23