Let’s Do “The Cherubim”

There are alien-like creatures that spend their time, with power and authority, praising God, without waiting for permission! Just take a moment to picture this:

Four very alive living creatures (called Cherubim in Ezekiel, imaginary-like) function as heavy-duty guards in Heaven, and constantly surround the thrones of God and Jesus (Revelation 4:6-11). In the book of Revelation, each Cherub has SIX wings. The apostle John does not say if the wings grow out of its shoulders, back or hips; or grow all in one spot or layered down its body. Each Cherub is jam-packed with eyes—in other words, a Cherub is like a computer-generated, made-for-movie mutant, with thousands of eyes staring, moving here, there, and around from under the skin, on top of the skin, and all over the skin, both front and back! One Cherub has a shape like a lion, while another Cherub has a shape like an ox, and one has a face like a man (what about the body?). The fourth Cherub is shaped like an eagle in flight.

John takes great pains to explain that these four living creatures absolutely BURST with life, action, and vigilance! They erupt with a loud roar every now and again, proclaiming to everyone, “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty; who is and was and is to come!” They shamelessly bellow this confession, regularly, at the top of their lungs!

Try this out today: Every so often, just loudly explode and do “The Cherubim” by repeating what the Heavenly monsters say to God and Jesus Christ, or make your own praise statement! Don’t wait until you’re prompted by an outside force (Revelation 14:11, 12; Philippians 2:10-13)!