Pumpkin Seeds: To Plant or Eat?

A business expert recently wrote an article entitled Pumpkin Seeds, basically saying that there are two things we can do with pumpkin seeds: horde them, eating them for ourselves until nothing is left, or plant them and reap a harvest of thousands more pumpkin seeds. Money, education, and business work the same way. And, I thought, guess what? The Word of God does, too!

Jesus ordered us to preach, teach, and demonstrate God’s Word to others (Mat. 13:3-9). Hording it for ourselves will leave us not only disobeying a law of nature, but also God’s commands! Sooner or later, Christians will become scarce and congregations will close down, all because we are not planting the seed of God’s Word around us (Mat. 28:19, 20).

Paul said he planted the Word, Apollos watered it, and God causes it to grow and produce a harvest (1 Corinthians 3:6, 7). Maybe we forget that we’re not the ones responsible for the harvest, and that’s why we stop planting, because creating harvest is impossible for us. It happens to be an act of God. So, when there is not much to harvest, we blame ourselves and stop planting, and just sit back to enjoy the seed of the moment, hogging it all (Mat. 25:14-29). Wrong!

Not even businesses or bank accounts can stay in operation for long with that view! Planting, watering, weeding, and keeping the bugs away all require time, sweat, and some elbow grease; but if we do it, then God can cause a harvest to grow. We just have to trust Him, and do our part.